Things I've made.

Here's a selection of my creations that I personally find to be memorable. Being a multipotentialite I work across varying categories. For more stuffs, check out my repositories.

Phoenix & Dragon Eggs
Laser-cut layered wood art.

Inspired by Martin Tomsky's artwork, this pair was especially designed and made as gift for my brother's wedding. In Chinese culture the Phoenix & Dragon pair symbolizes harmonious marriage.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
 (Crashed Imperial Destroyer)
Large tabletop kinetic diorama / Product display.

Based on a trailer scene, this 1-meter display was at Komikon 2015. Designed to display (and bobble) newly launched movie tie-in Funko Pop! Star Wars vinyl figurines. I've made the 3D printable parts available here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Infinity mirror / Product display.

Additional design for the Funko Pop! Star Wars vinyl figurines. Ideal for displaying the Stormtrooper with their leader at non-mirrored platform. Design inspired by another trailer scene. Prototype built using 3D printed parts.

WeSI Infographic

My first infographic design. Designed to help clients decide whether the new WeSI (Wireless Security Intelligence) product is right for them, and to give them a better idea on the technology. You can get the full size image here.

'UPDATE' Fashion Outlet
Layout render.

This ladies' fashion outlet is located within Parkson at Sunway Velocity Mall. A rather interesting job as the outlet sells only black-white outfit, likewise using only black-white fixtures. View one of the delivered visuals here.

Pop! Funko Roadshow
Layout render.

This was at Pavilion Mall for some time in 2016. Blueprint wasn't available and dimensions were extrapolated from photos using floor tiles as grid; results were surprisingly accurate. View one of the delivered visuals here.

Cigarette Pack Dispenser
Mechanism concept design.

I don't smoke. Someone in the industry said their dispenser tend to have pack stuck at exit. This was an exercise to overcome that challenge: a mechanism which eject the pack when lid is opened. Large version of above visual here.

Classification of Approaches in AI
Presentation research and design.

AI is one topic I'm always into. When an opportunity to present came, I went full-blown taking over an entire class session with this. View the full presentation here.

PCB Auto-Segment
Software / Algorithm.

This algorithm 'grows' PCB traces while leaving gap with neighboring segments. Significantly reduces etching time, and maximizes copper surface. Also result in beautiful organic-looking circuit traces. Code available here.

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